Do I need a Prescription For Physical Therapy?

Not necessarily to start physical therapy (PT), though it is insurance-dependent. Georgia has a law called Direct Access, which allows someone to come to physical therapy 8 times at maximum over the course of a 21 calendar day time period. If the issue is not resolved, the patient must seek a prescription before continuing with PT.

Who Can Write a Prescription For Physical Therapy?

Any medical doctor can write a prescription for PT. A chiropractor can also write a prescription for PT.

What Should I Expect My First Day at Barnesville Rehab?

The first day is all about the therapist getting a good understanding of the past medical history, including other bouts of PT, as well as things such as falls, car accidents, or other injury-related instances prior to coming to therapy. Following a good history, the patient will undergo some testing, such as strength and range of motion (ROM) testing to further assess the quality of motion in the joints and muscles. Following the examination, the therapist will review his findings and present a diagnosis that will be used for the treatment. The patient and therapist will work together to set individualized goals that relate to the patient specifically for rehab.

What Should I Wear to Barnesville Rehab?

Loose fitting clothes are preferred. Ladies, please no dresses. Also, sandals or loose fitting shoes are preferred as well.

How Long is Each Session?

Each session can range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on pathology. We always try and accommodate patients on time constrictions and restraints, so just let the Therapist or Office Coordinator up front know upon arrival.

How Many Times Will I Have To Come To Therapy?

Again, this is diagnosis-specific. We like to wean patients out of therapy at the appropriate time based on meeting the goals the patient and therapist have set at the first session.

Can I Print My Paperwork Online?

yes! Look for the link above!